About Sotera

Personal Legacy Lawyer Sotera Anderson is passionate about protecting families and their legacies by helping them plan for the unexpected.

I have been practicing law in California since 2000. I started my career at a big firm, with offices around the country. I spent several years defending the country’s largest generic drug manufacturer in cases across the U.S. I worked so much that I didn’t see the light of day. I realized that the firm didn’t care about me personal and only cared that I was making the firm tons of money billing by the hour — every call, every email, every meeting. I knew that firm was not the place for me and I left for a smaller firm.

At the smaller firm, I spent several years defending big name car manufacturers in lemon law cases. While I was there, I had my daughter, Sophia, who completely changed my perspective on life and what was important to me. Sophia made me want to do good in the world; to make a difference in people’s lives. I didn’t feel like I was making a difference in people’s lives and felt more like I was pushing paper for the manufacturers just card about their bottom line. It was very transactional, not personal at all. That bothered me. I had to really think about what I wanted for my career and my life. Even though I was making good money and I loved the people I worked with, I knew that representing the manufacturers was not going to fill my heart. During all this time, some 20 years, I also helped military members with estate planning as a Judge Advocate.

I took a leap of faith and opened my own law office. I switched sides in lemon law and started representing consumers where I now get to feel great about my work being able to help everyday people change their predicament. I also made sure that my law office focused on estate planning for families – this is where my heart and passion truly is. Thinking about my life and my daughter and what would happen if something happened to me, really scared me. Having kids just changes your perspective on life. Kids have a special place in my heart and protecting, caring and providing for them means a lot to me personally.

I am not just your lawyer. I am your trusted advisor who helps you make the very best personal, financial, and legal decisions for your family throughout your lifetime. My goal is to help you not just now, but also when you can’t be there by guiding your loved ones through a difficult process.

For more information about my lemon law practice where I help California consumers get refunds for their lemon cars, visit www.calemonlawattorney.com.

Yes, I want to get educated, become informed and fully empowered to make the right decisions for the people I love.
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How We Are Different

Most estate planning lawyers practice estate planning the traditional way where the focus is solely on document production and hourly billing and sending clients on their way. Sotera doesn’t like that. It’s very impersonal and could do more harm than good.

Here’s a story of a traditional way of doing estate planning: Sotera’s mentor told her a story about her family’s horrible experience with the traditional way. Her father paid $3,000 to have a plan done. He stored his documents away thinking all was well. The plan was never looked at again. When he died, his family learned the hard way that the plan was no good. It was not updated after he got divorced. He did not do things to put his stuff in his trust. My mentor had to go to Court and spend thousands of dollars to make everything right again. The whole point of having a plan was to avoid all of that.

You’d think this kind of thing is malpractice, but it’s not. It’s common practice. Most lawyers out there produce the documents, charge you by the hour, and send you on your way.

Doing estate planning the traditional way does not mesh well with Sotera’s passion for helping people and doing good in the world. So, Sotera doesn’t practice the traditional way. Here are just some of the ways that differentiate Sotera from other lawyers:

First, nothing Sotera does for her estate planning clients is billed on an hourly basis. Everything she does is billed as a flat fee, agreed to in advance. So, there are no surprises, no bills arriving in the mail to dread, and no worrying about hurrying up a meeting with her because you’re afraid of the cost. After we’ve gotten clear about what you want, you’ll know exactly what it will cost to work with her, and you’ll have the power to choose your own fee from a menu of options.

Second, Sotera sees planning as just the beginning of the relationship. Most lawyers see the plan as a one-and-done transaction. Sotera wants to ensure that your plan stays current and effective throughout your life. So, after your plan goes into effect, and for no additional charge, she will review your plan at least every three years. But, you also have the option of purchasing a client membership where she will review your plan annually and you can make unlimited changes to your plan.

Finally, Sotera wants you to know that your legacy consists of far more than just the financial assets you pass on for the benefit of those you love. Your legacy is also your wisdom, your values, your accomplishments, and your stories. It is the sound of your voice, the power of your laugh, and the way you make people feel. It is the lessons to be learned and inspiration to be drawn from your example.

When Sotera’s parents pass, she will have photos, videos, and notes from them. But, she wants more. She wants to tell their stories to future generations – her grandkids. That’s why she’s developed a process, included in the price of every plan, to guide you in passing on this intangible but infinitely valuable part of your legacy. This is the part of you that lives forever. This is how she helps you Be Legendary.

These are just a few of the things that make Sotera’s firm different. Her firm is best for people who don’t just want to leave their family a bunch of documents that may or may not work. It is more for those who want to pass on a legacy of love, care, and ease; those who want to keep their family out of court and out of conflict; and those who want their presence to continue to be felt long after their departures.

On a personal note, here is Sotera and her daughter. This is who she loves the most. This is who her own planning is all about. It’s not about Sotera because in the end, she won’t be the one to benefit from the plan she created – Sophia will benefit. Those who will benefit are the people you love the most-those most in need of the gift of love, care, and ease that you have the power to bestow after you’re gone.